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Indian spicy good for healthy or not ?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Indian cuisine. It’s is a most colorful, flavorful, and the spices are not only tasty—they come with a plethora of health benefits with effect our body . In These spices can be used for sweet or savory dishes and they will leave your taste buds asking for more .

SOME Indian Spices That Are Good For Your HEALTHY

1. Turmeric

This bright of orange spice is not only great for adding color to your dish it make change the texter also of the dishes , and the health benefits are immense. the member of the ginger family, the type of spice is harvested from the root of a curcuma longa plant. For thousands of years, Ayurvedic medicine help to used turmeric for a variety of health reasons. The National Institute of Health recourses has found that turmeric aids in helping to treat arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain, diarrhea, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, and loss of appetite. Turmeric is also help to as a daily uses treatment for issues like skin inflammation, infected wounds, and ringworm.

2. Black Pepper

Black pepper is not a spice but that many people use in Indian cooking. However, these little peppercorns have their most ancient roots in India. however one of the most traded spices in the world and are commonly found in many European dishes, often paired with salt. Black pepper aids in digestion, congestion, an upset stomach and can also help to stop the bleeding on a cut when applied topically.

3. Cardamom

Native to the forests in India, these green pods are commonly used not only in Indian cooking, but also in Chai—also called as Indian tea. In order to get the full healthy benefits of this spice, the outer shell needs to be broken to expose the tiny pods inside. It can be uses to counteract a number of digestive problems including, bloating, gas, heartburn and loss of appetite—it can also help even treat bad breath and is commonly used as an after having meal breath freshener. In preliminary studies it has also been shown that cardamom help cancer fighting effects against non-melanoma skin cancer. However, the many more research is needed before cardamom can be recommended for cancer prevention.

4. Clove

The little bud resembles a tiny flower used not only in Indian cuisines, but in African and Middle Eastern country use of clove as well. In cosmetic produced uses clove , such as in toothpastes, soaps, and perfumes. Indian healers mostly used this oils, flower buds, and stems from the plant in an array of medicine. For some example, clove is possibly effective in helping with premature ejaculation when applied directly to the internal body part. Clove oil can also help with body pain when applied topically, and can help with stomach issues like gas, diarrhea, nausea and upset stomach.

5. Cinnamon

This bark-like spice originates from Sri Lanka, and was originally harvested from Arabian traders by a tall tree and ground to create the powder form of cinnamon. According to the ,mayo clinic research suggest that cinnamon might help to regulate treatment for people with type 2 diabetes. The theory say that cinnamon increases insulin action.


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